Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Underwear anyone?

On our way to float the river my 4 year old says "Is anyone in here wearing any underwear?"    We all say no cause we're in our swimsuits and then he says "phew I thought I was the only one not wearing any!"     Good Times!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Applause please....

After Church yesterday my 4 year old came up to me and said "Mom I really was hoping people were going to clap for me after I gave my talk....but all they did was say Amen!"   He he he   love it!


We watched fireworks the other night. During the grand finale they started lighting a whole bunch of fireworks at once. My 4 year old said " Mom they are wasting all those fireworks....I can't enjoy each one of them when they go off all at the same time!"    

Hard Core Skater

My 4 year old looked so cute the other day. He was wearing his skater shoes, tony hawk shorts and his Volcolm shirt. He came up to me and said "Mom I'm a hard core skater."  Then he said "Mom do you know what hard core means?"   I asked him what. He said " Hard core means cool!"   Is he really only 4?    He makes me smile!

Worms love to swim

While we were fishing I asked my 4 year old to put the worm on my hook for me. He said "Mom you love worms to much to hurt them with your hook huh, Don't worry worms love going swimming with the fishies!"

Silly boy!

Here are the laws

We were eating and visiting over at my Brothers house the other day. I went downstairs and saw my nephew hit his sister then tell my 9 year old how mean girls are. My 9 year old tells my nephew "Here are the laws, #1 No hitting girls, even sisters count #2 Girls always go first...girls are lucky huh!"      Oh I love kids!