Friday, April 30, 2010

Ahhh the Joys of taking a shower

I have to admit I take looooooong showers. It really is a great place to think. I don't have kids asking me questions, can't hear the phone, I can actually hear my own thoughts. Sometimes after I get out I have to head straight for a notebook to write down my ideas....Silly I know but when you're a mom hearing your own thoughts is BIG! The only down fall of long showers is fingers that feel and look like prunes, yuck! 

After getting out this morning around 7:00, Bryton was waiting for me on my bed and said "Gaul Mom I thought you were sleeping in the shower."   ~Something I only dream about. hee hee

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baking up a mess!

Do you ever wonder why Baking and Cooking is so fun but why can't the clean up do it itself? I would bake so much more if I didn't have to do the 100's of dishes afterward. Why can't I have a magic nose that I wiggle and walaa it's done?   I just think it would be fair if we make it someone else could clean it up for us. Now give me a little knock on the head and send me back to reality! I guess the satisfaction of enjoying the goodies and the family being happy will be my reward for the clean up. Or~ maybe I'll buy all disposable dishes.....We'll see! 

Teach me to burp

Kailee can't burp on purpose. It drives her crazy. At dinner she asked us to teach her (I know a great table discussion). So all the kids start burping in and out (gross I know). Taylor even manages to show her how to burp the alphabet. Then Bryton says to Kailee " All ya got to do is burp your breath in and then burp it out your mouth! Burps are so much fun, huh mom."  What do you say to that? "Yes son they are," so he'll burp at every dinner.   
Well when I was little I thought it was pretty cool to burp with the best of them!  I remember once I even lost my voice from one of the contests! Yuck!

 So I tell them burping can be fun but only if done away from the dinner table! Whew,  saved our next meals, right?

We always have such interesting conversations at dinner. I guess that's the fun in sitting together around the table!

That's one way to get paid!

My seven year came to me yesterday and says "Mom I need to pull out my loose tooth! I really need some money from the tooth fairy!" Wouldn't that be nice...Everytime we were low on $$$ we could pull out a tooth and stick it under our pillow! Too bad it works the other way now though...Lose a tooth and shell out big bucks to the dentist to get one put back in!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random thoughts of my 7 year old

As I was driving home from the grocery store last night with Alyssa, she said to me "Mom why do they have to call piggy banks, piggy banks??? I'd much rather they be called monkey banks or teddy bear banks. I don't even think pigs are cute!"    Gotta agree with that one! 

Then Alyssa said " Mom do you think cops like being called pigs? I bet they'd rather be called puppies or coyotes, don't ya think?"    Yes Alyssa I do agree. Wink wink ;)    She keeps me smiling!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being Silly

In our family we all like to be silly at times. The other day we were all laughing and being goofy in the car and Kailee said "Really? Am I really related to you guys?" He he he he..... Yep sorry to say you are darling!
Does anyone else like to make up songs and funny poems? Do you like to dance in the kitchen and shake your junk? Talk in funny voices?

 Yesterday we were in the kitchen and I thought it would be funny to get the hair out of the brush and have it hanging out of the top of my pants (which were pulled down low)  and then I asked Kovi "Babe do I have a hairy butt crack?" Kovi laughed so hard. Kailee tried to act not amused but I saw a smile! Got to keep the laughter going right?

We also like to tease Kovi any chance we get. Like Taylor  throwing a diaper at Kovis face as he walks around the corner or giving him a fake lottery ticket and making him think he won $5000.00 (well I took in part on that one too...) He's so fun to tease! He dishes it right back though! What would a house be without laughter?

How come?

Well today I went to the kids walk a thon at the school to get some pics of the kids. Hmmm bad idea I guess. My little stinkers all whined and wanted to come home when it was done instead of going back to school. Do I blame them? No but hey I need to be responsible and make them do things they don't want to right?  Well Alyssa won the battle.
 Lets put a big L on my forehead. She really has been struggling with going to school. She is really ready for summer (SO AM I). After she cried and clung to me we walked home. I called the school and told them sorry Alyssa had a melt down so she won't be returning today. I could hear it in secretarys voice that she thought I was a wimp with a capial W. Yep shes right. Somedays I just want to skip the battles and put up my white treaty flag and say YOU WIN TODAY, but tomorrow I'm takin my big girl pill and taking charge.

It's no easy task being full time Mommy. I really love it but sure could use a vacation every once in a while. Hearing "Mom I don't want to, and Mom so and so did this, and Mom I'm hungry, and Mom why not,  It gets old fast! (picture them saying it in a screechy whiney voice to get the whole picture).  I wish I could whine to someone all day.~ But why? Do I have to? I did it last time. I always have to do it. Why can't I just play?  Am I going to get paid for this? So and so is being mean and well you catch my drift.
As I was writing I got a knock at the door and it was my 2 cute little neighbors who are 4 and 5 years old. I love that they talk to me like I'm one of the girls. I think it's funny when one of them asks if she can hang out with me. Man it's nice to be so popular :)  Have you really just sat and had conversation with little kids(Not just your own).?  I love it! They are always so honest and tell you just how it is.  One of the gilrs said "Can you believe it's suppose to snow tomorrow???" And the other said "What the Crap, I thought it was suppose to be spring?"   I totally agree this weather stinks.

Poor Bry only has little girls to hang out with. He often comes home with painted nails and makeup on. He also is getting so good at being the dad when they play house. Kovi is not on board with the nail polish. he he he. Luckily he has his brothers to keep him doing boy things as well. I remember dressing up my little brothers all the time, and putting make up on them and doing pigtails in their hair. (the short little nubby pigtails). They both turned out good so no worries right. I'll have to see if I can find a pic to share of them. They'd both appreciate that~wink wink. 

Do you remember when being hot was so easy and took no effort? You could roll out of bed throw some clothes on and look cute? Those were the days! How come its so hard to find cute clothes now. I can go through the mall and not find anything? I'm really not picky (I think?)  I just want more than a boring old  t-shirt or some funky teenager shirt.  How come there are so many cute tank tops? Can't they just add sleeves to them for me? Really is that so much to ask. I often fantasize about starting my own clothing line. Cute shirts that are flattering and fun. I know I have 100 business ideas. But I hear my friends say all the time they struggle with finding cute tops too! I think there is a great market out there for my idea! 

Well there are my random thought for now. Nice to get them out of my head on "paper" so that I can think up more things......

Heres to a new blog, Cheers!

Well let's see if I can do this. I love to jot down my ideas and thought in the hundreds of notebooks I own. So now I can waste less paper and do it on here instead.
Do you ever wonder what people really think of you the first time you meet them? What do they go home and say? It's hard for me at times to be myself if I don't know you very well. I'm making a goal to be real and not to care what people think. Now is the perfect time as well since we just moved in and I get to meet lots of new faces daily. I try and keep an open mind about people. I genuinely like most everyone. I don't always feel like we click or mesh well but I still like most everyone. I wonder if I'll meet people that I can really be friends with. Ones I can laugh with and hang out with and also tell them exactly what I'm feeling and know they understand. I want to also be that friend that you can call anytime and the one who always listens without judgement. Yep that's the one. I need to find make time to be with friends and not just my family. Well this is a boring post but I had to start somewhere right?