Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being Silly

In our family we all like to be silly at times. The other day we were all laughing and being goofy in the car and Kailee said "Really? Am I really related to you guys?" He he he he..... Yep sorry to say you are darling!
Does anyone else like to make up songs and funny poems? Do you like to dance in the kitchen and shake your junk? Talk in funny voices?

 Yesterday we were in the kitchen and I thought it would be funny to get the hair out of the brush and have it hanging out of the top of my pants (which were pulled down low)  and then I asked Kovi "Babe do I have a hairy butt crack?" Kovi laughed so hard. Kailee tried to act not amused but I saw a smile! Got to keep the laughter going right?

We also like to tease Kovi any chance we get. Like Taylor  throwing a diaper at Kovis face as he walks around the corner or giving him a fake lottery ticket and making him think he won $5000.00 (well I took in part on that one too...) He's so fun to tease! He dishes it right back though! What would a house be without laughter?

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