Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wish Grandma never died...

As we were eating lunch today my 4 year old says he wishes Grandma never died. I tell him me too. Then he says "Mom when we die we come back alive in heaven, thats cool huh."   "I would hate being dead so I'm glad we come back alive..."   "Grandma is alive but not here...."   Yep Bry you are right!

Oh man why me?

We were at the store the other day waiting in line when my 4 year old looks at the lady in front of us and asks me ( in a very loud voice) " Mom do you like that ladies hair?"   I quietly tell him to hush and then he says "Man how did she get her hair so high, it looks like a tangled birds nest!"    Ummm what do you say to that....   I was so embarrassed, for one she heard him, two her hair looked exactly as he described it and three the people standing in back of us were laughing.   How do you teach a 4 year old to bite his tongue???

Who was that?

As we were down in the basement doing crafts my 4 year old suddenly says "Mom, someone is calling my name......(pause)   never mind it's just my mind."    Hehehe

You're nice.....kind of

My 4 year old brought a card to his friend who later brought him a card. My 4 year old says "Mom she is so nice, I'm lucky huh."   Then he says " Mom, brothers and sisters are not nice all the time huh." Then he adds "Moms and Dads are nice......well sort of, huh."      Hmmmm   :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

When I get a car...

We were in the car driving doing errands and the kids were talking about what they hope to get for their first cars. My 14 year old was talking about the car she's getting from her grandma and my 11 year old was talking about getting my hubbys old truck. Then my 4 year old pipes up and says "Mom I'd be happy with a Corvette."   Serious as ever too! Man keep on dreamin kid :)

Not a good idea

My hubby took our 4 year old with him to teach his class in church yesterday. (He teaches the 17 year olds)   They were talking about having good influences on them and about good friends. My hubby asked the kids if they had lots of good friends and our 4 year old speaks up and says "Dad you didn't have any friends when you were young...."  Which got the kids in the class laughing. Then my hubby was talking about using good language and our 4 year old says "Dad you say bad words when you're mad!"  The kids were rolling at this one. Lesson learned-Never bring our 4 year old to class cause he tells all your secrets! Hehehe

Monday, August 9, 2010

I can't hear....

Yesterday at Church my 4 year old and I were sitting in front of our neighbor who is in her 60's and is awesome. My 4 year old went and sat by her and saw something in her ear and asked her what it was. She told him it was a hearing aid. He asked her what it is for, and she told him so she can hear better. About 5 minutes later he came back up by me and said "Mom I can't hear." "I think I really need a hearing aid." Then he turns around and asks our neighbor "What store did you buy your hearing aid at, cause I really need to go buy one!" She started laughing and told him you get them from the Dr. and they are really expensive.   

 Well we get home and he won't stop talking about getting a hearing aid. So I made him a pretend one and he is thrilled. He wore it the rest of the day yesterday and put it back in this morning.    Man I love my little 'old' man. lol!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Me too!

My 14 year old was dying my hair yesterday and my 4 year old asks us what we're doing. I tell him I'm making sure to cover any grey hairs I have ;)  and he says "Yeah I hate it when my hair gets grey too!"