Monday, August 9, 2010

I can't hear....

Yesterday at Church my 4 year old and I were sitting in front of our neighbor who is in her 60's and is awesome. My 4 year old went and sat by her and saw something in her ear and asked her what it was. She told him it was a hearing aid. He asked her what it is for, and she told him so she can hear better. About 5 minutes later he came back up by me and said "Mom I can't hear." "I think I really need a hearing aid." Then he turns around and asks our neighbor "What store did you buy your hearing aid at, cause I really need to go buy one!" She started laughing and told him you get them from the Dr. and they are really expensive.   

 Well we get home and he won't stop talking about getting a hearing aid. So I made him a pretend one and he is thrilled. He wore it the rest of the day yesterday and put it back in this morning.    Man I love my little 'old' man. lol!

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