Thursday, May 27, 2010

Popcorn tree?

Yesterday we were out on the deck eating some popcorn and one of my kids says, "I really want to plant a popcorn tree" he takes the kernels that are left in the bag and throws them over the deck onto the grass and says "plant yourselves my little seeds, plant yourselves."     Ummmm don't even know how to respond to that one! I'll just let him believe that 1. There are popcorn trees, 2. cooked kernels are seeds, 3. planting themselves will work!  wink wink.    Funny kid!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who is your boss?

My hubby was telling my 4 year old to eat his veggies at lunch today. My 4 year old says "I don't want to eat them." My hubby says "well you have to at least take a bite of each one".
My 4 year old asks why and my hubby tells him because he said so and he's the boss.

Well my 4 year old thinks about it and says "well you didn't take any of the yellow vegetables (squash) so you didn't eat all your veggies."
My hubby says "I ate a bunch of different ones and that is good enough for the boss".

My 4 year old says "well Jesus is the boss of you and if he were at the table right now he'd make you eat some yellow vegetables so you know how gross they are and then you wouldn't make me eat them!" lol! I guess my hubby shouldn't make my 4 year old eat things that he doesn't even like!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't you wish you were a little boy....

My 4 year old had on some really cute Etnies. I told him "Man I love your shoes, I wish I had some like it."  My 4 year old looks at his shoes then at me and says "mom you wish you could have been a little boy when you were younger huh."     "Boys always have so much cooler stuff than little girl stuff huh."    Well I like his shoes but I am quite happy I am a girl! lol

Friday, May 21, 2010

Have you seen my mommy?

Man I'm still laughing at this one and it's been 2 hours!

So we were at a store looking around and 2 little boys come up to the cash register and ask the cashier if she has seen their mom. The cashier tells them she doesn't know who their mom is. One of the little boys spreads out both arms as far as he can and says "she's this fat and her name is Marie." The cashier tried to hold in the laughter as she calls over the intercom for her.

We were laughing so hard and felt bad for the mom who came up to the front since everyone who had saw what the boy did was staring at the mom.   Kids sure are funny!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday I had to run to a cell phone store to get some new phones. We ended up being there a looooong time. My 4 year old was really good. He walked around the store and watched everyone and I guess he was listening a lot too. There were a lot of people in there. When we got in the car to leave he said to me "Mom we call people strangers because they are really strange huh."    I just had to laugh....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A bit too clean

I guess I need to stop doing such a good job of cleaning! Within the last week two of my sons ran into my glass sliding door thinking it was open. It was pretty dang funny to watch but oh so sad for my munchkins.
Reminds me of the birds on the windex commercial.

The first time it happened my son was crying and looked at me and said "mom we really need to paint that door red so we can see it."  lol  I guess if I stop cleaning it the kids will see their dirty little fingerprints all over it and know that the door is closed....

Monday, May 17, 2010

We have a monster.....

We have a monster in our house, I've never seen him yet but I do know that he only likes to wear one shoe and loves to use my kids socks to make friends for himself. He makes lots of messes and I think his name is somebodyelsedidit.   I'm going to be keeping my eyes wide open for this monster. I was thinking if he's going to take one sock out of each pair  he mine as well use both so I don't have to search the house for the matching socks...

 I imagine his friends look a lot like this

My kids will soon end up looking like this when they go to school

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother of 7 I guess

My 4 year old said to me today, "Mom when dad was in your tummy he was a baby, then he came out and grew bigger than you, thats funny huh mom."   Me-" Ummmmm Bry, Dad wasn't in my tummy. I'm dads wife not his mom."  Then Bry says " But dad sometimes calls you mom." Me- "Well yeah but he says that cause I'm the mom in the house."  Bry-"Hmmm Mom I know dad was in your tummy, you probally just forgot!"    Well I guess I have 7 kids instead of 6.......

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mean old Bus driver!

Is it mandatory for bus drivers to be mean? My bus driver growing up hated kids, no really she did. She loved picking on us and being in control! (She would have made a great cop!)  I remember in Elementary school she used to grab my pig tails and say "Oink, Oink."   What the heck. She did it to all the girls wearing pigtails. She loved to yell.....Man I'm surprised she even had a voice left by the end of the day! She also loved to make us do fire drills like every month just to see us  splat on our faces as we jumped out the back door....(well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration?? just a little one though)     I had the same bus driver from elementary school to high school.  She actually ended up loving me and I ended up liking her, but she still was mean to most everyone else!

I'm not saying it would be easy to keep that many kids calm and well behaved on a bus, but I think a prerequisite for getting the job is a love for kids. (or at least tolerating kids)

My kids bus driver in our last neighborhood was just as mean! My kids dreaded riding the bus. She wouldn't let my daughter sit by her brothers even on the first day , since she had boys on one side girls on the other. When I first met her she said she was strict but had fun with the kids.....Well my kids never saw the fun side of her in the two years they had her.  She stole my kids treats from school even if they were still in the wrapper and they were just holding them. She also accused my son of taking a kids toy, so she  dumped out his backpack on the floor and to her surprise found nothing!!! I of course had to go and dump her purse the next day all over the floor.....well I wanted to. I did talk to her and tell her I thought she was sooo wrong for doing that!

Luckily this year my younger kids walk to school!

Now don't get me wrong,  My daughters kindergarten bus driver was great and she loved my daughter. We loved to give her treats and my daughter drew her lots of pictures.  I'm just saying some ought to be in a different profession.

Ouch my arm hurts

How come every time I come home from being in the car my arm aches??? Hmmmm could it be from playing slug bug and Bingo (yellow cars) every time we go anywhere?  Yesterday My 11 year old sees a VW in the distance and  punches my arm and says "slug bug green", then punches me again and says "I mean slug bug black", then as we get closer to it he  punches me a third time and says "nope it is green".    3 punches for the same VW? Wow he cheats! I'm gonna have to start wearing padding on my arm!

How old am I?????

One of my kids this morning said  "Mom did slavery end when you were born?"   I about died..... How old do you think I am???  Then my child realized what they had said and said "whoops I meant racism."   Wow that's better I was starting to worry what my kids are learning or not learning in school. wink wink.  

Here there and everywhere.......

I got a nice little gift yesterday for Mothers Day! My 4 year old threw up all over our car, my computer room, kitchen sink and all around the toilet! What a special gift...wink wink .  How come so much stuff can come out of such a tiny belly???   He started to feel better last night and he said "Mom I think my tummy is empty, I jumped up and down and couldn't hear anymore throw up inside!"    I was so relieved! Hee Hee
He also tried to plant a kiss on my lips which I kindly had to intercept with the top of my hand instead. Whew that was a close one!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

So funny but my daughter might kill me for sharing...

At dinner tonight my 14 year old says" Mom last night Alyssa walked up to me and grabbed my boob, I yelled at her and asked her what she was thinking and she told me she just wanted to know what a boob felt like."    Man I laughed so hard I cried!  Can't blame her for wondering. She is only 7 you know. I'm glad for these moments that keep me laughing!

You really need some new shoes

As we were eating lunch today I asked Bry what he got me for Mothers Day? He thought about it and said " I'm going to get you some new girl Vans (shoes). Then you can run fast like me and you will be able to skateboard like the rest of the family."   Is that a big hint that I am slow and that I suck at skateboarding?  If I knew all it took were some 'girl Vans'  then I would have bought me some a long time ago. Wink wink ;)

None ya!

Today on our way to pick up some pics, Bryton could smell me eating Twizzlers bites. He asked me "Mom whatcha eating?"  I kiddingly replied "None ya" (None of your business) Then Bry said " Oh I love none yas, they are my favorite. Can I have one?"   Hee Hee  "I handed some back to him and he said "Oh these things, I always called them licorice, I didn't know they were none yas!"  I Love my 4 year old!

You with the addiction problem, raise your hand

Yes my name is Jodi and I do have an addiction problem. I love to blog! Crazy, maybe but it is so much fun! I always have my camera ready for blog post material. I made a goal at the first of the year to blog every day on my family blog. I have a little sign on my computer that reads Don't forget to Blog today! My hubby laughs at me since  I can't go to sleep until I have done a  post!

But my blog books are so worth all the time! I print my blog into a book every 6 months and call it our family yearbook. My kids love reading through each one and love remembering what we were doing at that time. I am awful at writing in a journal, so this is my way of doing it! Blurb is a great site to do your books. It slurps your entries into their program so its so easy to do. You can delete posts and add posts if you want to. You can also add more picture and more personal thoughts if you decide to.

I highly recommend blogging daily and making your book. Its so fun and you'll be thankful for your family yearbooks down the road! I decided to start my posts with We love.... Then I have to look for the good in each day!  Come on give it a try, I know you will thank me later! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Which way now?

Today after taking my 14 year old to school, my 4 year old told me he would tell me how to get home. So I  thought hey why not, I'm not in a hurry. I thought we would go on some wild adventure and end up who knows where but, he took us home? Wow I was really impressed. There are a lot of turns to get home and he knew all of them! I guess he pays better attention in the car then I thought!

He is so much fun to have in the car. He talks the entire time and says hilarious things. Today he said " Mom, Dad is gross. He has hair everywhere, I even saw hair up his nose.....ewwwww.  That's yucky huh mom."   I had to chuckle and tell him I agreed.

I remember my dad having hair on his toes and on his tummy and thinking I would never marry anyone that had hair in his nose. Hee Hee.

What did you do today?

After Kailee got home from school I ran down to the grocery store for some last minute items for our dinner that we were sharing with some friends. The kid that was bagging the groceries asked me "so what did you do today?"  I told him I was a stay at home mom and did mommy things all day. Well he looks at me like I was uninteresting and said "that must be nice to sit around all day."   What?????? I felt like taking out my boxing gloves (which i had forgotten at home) and giving him a good punch to his arm.

 I looked at him and said " I woke up this morning at 5:00. I made my husbands lunch for work, threw in some laundry, made a bottle, changed a diaper, got my 14 year old off to school, made breakfast for my youngest 5, got them dressed, did their hair, signed all homework logs, got them off to school, cleaned up breakfast, did dishes, changed the laundry, made beds, scrubbed the bathroom, got in the shower, played with my 2 youngest, vacuumed, swept, dusted, changed the laundry again, did bills, made lunch, made a bottle, changed another diaper, took out the garbage, edited photos, did another load of laundry, folded laundry and put it away, made after school snacks for the kids, got paints out for the kids and cleaned them up, and then I had to run here to the grocery store."  Whew, that was a lot to say. He just looked at me and said "Man I 'm glad I went to school today and didn't have your schedule!"   

Thank You my fine 15 year old, now go give your mom a hug and thank her for  "sitting around all day". 

I think I made him realize how busy moms really are!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Deal or no deal

As I was cutting out coupons last night, I started wondering if coupons are worth it. I mean every time I use my coupons I spend sooo much more than I usually do. You end up buying all of your regular list plus 15 new things...... I know you can find good deals if you find the items on sale and then use your coupons on top of that but, I may just be too busy to do all the research on deals! For now I'll keep on clipping the coupons and see how long I can get my receipt to be.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paint me a picture

Last night I was downstairs laying on my daughters bed with her having girl talk. As I was staring at the white ceiling above us, I thought how boring it looked. I think ceilings should be decorated and have glow in the dark art on it. 

Wouldn't this be fun to stare at late at night all tucked in to bed?

When Kovi and I lived in our first home that we bought, I decorated our ceiling. I used glow in the dark markers and had a hay day! I wrote funny messages about my hubby and drew pictures. I loved staring at it at night.  Well we ended up selling that house to my dad. He came to me after a few nights of living there and said "wow you really love Kovi don't you?" "I read about him every night before bed....."    I laughed so hard. Just what my dad wanted to read before bed. Hee Hee Hee.

      So if you decide to decorate your ceiling with thought about your hubby, make sure to paint over it before you move!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Here's a random thought I had today.   I think it's so weird that whenever I have something that hurts I keep touching it and I don't leave it alone. Like if you have a canker and you keep rubbing it with your tongue or a hang nail and you keep touching even though it hurts.... Am I the only one?   I know a bit strange!