Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What did you do today?

After Kailee got home from school I ran down to the grocery store for some last minute items for our dinner that we were sharing with some friends. The kid that was bagging the groceries asked me "so what did you do today?"  I told him I was a stay at home mom and did mommy things all day. Well he looks at me like I was uninteresting and said "that must be nice to sit around all day."   What?????? I felt like taking out my boxing gloves (which i had forgotten at home) and giving him a good punch to his arm.

 I looked at him and said " I woke up this morning at 5:00. I made my husbands lunch for work, threw in some laundry, made a bottle, changed a diaper, got my 14 year old off to school, made breakfast for my youngest 5, got them dressed, did their hair, signed all homework logs, got them off to school, cleaned up breakfast, did dishes, changed the laundry, made beds, scrubbed the bathroom, got in the shower, played with my 2 youngest, vacuumed, swept, dusted, changed the laundry again, did bills, made lunch, made a bottle, changed another diaper, took out the garbage, edited photos, did another load of laundry, folded laundry and put it away, made after school snacks for the kids, got paints out for the kids and cleaned them up, and then I had to run here to the grocery store."  Whew, that was a lot to say. He just looked at me and said "Man I 'm glad I went to school today and didn't have your schedule!"   

Thank You my fine 15 year old, now go give your mom a hug and thank her for  "sitting around all day". 

I think I made him realize how busy moms really are!!


  1. I love what you said, and completely agree. Although, there are some days I wonder what I did all day. lol.

  2. Way to go Jodi!!! Somedays I like to make a list and I am so proud of what I accomplished, sometime I am just annoyed that I had to so much!!! Question: Do you think that the bagger asked anyone else what they did???

  3. You're amazing for doing all that and I love that you stuck up for yourself (and the rest of us SAHM!).