Thursday, May 6, 2010

You with the addiction problem, raise your hand

Yes my name is Jodi and I do have an addiction problem. I love to blog! Crazy, maybe but it is so much fun! I always have my camera ready for blog post material. I made a goal at the first of the year to blog every day on my family blog. I have a little sign on my computer that reads Don't forget to Blog today! My hubby laughs at me since  I can't go to sleep until I have done a  post!

But my blog books are so worth all the time! I print my blog into a book every 6 months and call it our family yearbook. My kids love reading through each one and love remembering what we were doing at that time. I am awful at writing in a journal, so this is my way of doing it! Blurb is a great site to do your books. It slurps your entries into their program so its so easy to do. You can delete posts and add posts if you want to. You can also add more picture and more personal thoughts if you decide to.

I highly recommend blogging daily and making your book. Its so fun and you'll be thankful for your family yearbooks down the road! I decided to start my posts with We love.... Then I have to look for the good in each day!  Come on give it a try, I know you will thank me later! :)

1 comment:

  1. I'm not as addicted as I used to be (school doesn't let me), but I still have a "problem"! A good one to have though, I love how it helps me feel socially connected to check blogs! I always look forward to yours because you post so much!