Monday, May 10, 2010

Mean old Bus driver!

Is it mandatory for bus drivers to be mean? My bus driver growing up hated kids, no really she did. She loved picking on us and being in control! (She would have made a great cop!)  I remember in Elementary school she used to grab my pig tails and say "Oink, Oink."   What the heck. She did it to all the girls wearing pigtails. She loved to yell.....Man I'm surprised she even had a voice left by the end of the day! She also loved to make us do fire drills like every month just to see us  splat on our faces as we jumped out the back door....(well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration?? just a little one though)     I had the same bus driver from elementary school to high school.  She actually ended up loving me and I ended up liking her, but she still was mean to most everyone else!

I'm not saying it would be easy to keep that many kids calm and well behaved on a bus, but I think a prerequisite for getting the job is a love for kids. (or at least tolerating kids)

My kids bus driver in our last neighborhood was just as mean! My kids dreaded riding the bus. She wouldn't let my daughter sit by her brothers even on the first day , since she had boys on one side girls on the other. When I first met her she said she was strict but had fun with the kids.....Well my kids never saw the fun side of her in the two years they had her.  She stole my kids treats from school even if they were still in the wrapper and they were just holding them. She also accused my son of taking a kids toy, so she  dumped out his backpack on the floor and to her surprise found nothing!!! I of course had to go and dump her purse the next day all over the floor.....well I wanted to. I did talk to her and tell her I thought she was sooo wrong for doing that!

Luckily this year my younger kids walk to school!

Now don't get me wrong,  My daughters kindergarten bus driver was great and she loved my daughter. We loved to give her treats and my daughter drew her lots of pictures.  I'm just saying some ought to be in a different profession.


  1. I agree! Although my kids don't ride the bus, I think bus drivers, and TEACHERS alike should at least tolerate or like kids. Sometimes I wonder why we have the teachers we do.

  2. I had to worry about the kids on the bus more than the bus driver, but that's still not cool for your kids! Without excusing them, I think it's unreasonable to expect a bus driver to drive safe AND watch after the kids: schools could never afford it, but each bus should have a separate adult monitor for that job. And the monitors should definitely LOVE kids!