Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby's awake....

So this morning as I was blow drying my hair, my 9 year old came into the bathroom holding my
baby. I could tell he had just got woken up since his eyes were barely awake. I said to my 9 year old "Did you just wake him up and get him out of bed?" My 9 year old replied "Mom I just had to wake him up, I missed him so much during the night!"

 How do I get mad to that response? I don't. I instead tell him that he gets to babysit him all morning! Oh the joys of big brothers loving their baby brothers too much!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


While I was out gardening this morning my 7 year old came out and said "Mom, I had the coolest dream, I can't wait to finish it tonight!"     Wow I didn't know we could Tivo our dreams and watch the rest later on! I would totally love that, since I always get woke up in the best part of the dream!

What kind of fruit?

Somebody in my family came into the kitchen holding a grapefruit and said "I'm going to eat this greatfruit, because it must be great and it's a fruit!"     I started to giggle and said "don't you mean grapefruit?"  And a certain person said "What I thought they were greatfruit, Are you sure they are called grapefruit?"     Yes I'm sure!     Then while they were eating it a few of my kiddos tried a piece and man the look on their faces were priceless, not to mention them spitting out the piece and getting chills!

I love grapefruit but I guess it's not for everyone!  :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thought I would share

I thought I 'd share this post from our family blog, it was back in Feb. It just is so funny!

Today as I drove around with Coleson and Bryton, Bryton talked nonstop. I think I answered about 50 questions, listened to lots of statements and laughed alot. Here are a few.

 "Mom don't eat the wrapper, it doesn't taste good."

"Mom sometimes cops run but not fast cause they eat too many dounuts huh."

"Mom girls don't fart huh...only boys do." (that one had me in tears laughing.)

 "Mom you know what your doing huh."

 "Mom we need to have lots more kids in our family huh."

"Moms are the bosses, not Dads huh."

 "Mom, you don't have a cookie huh, only I do, if you were a little boy you could have one huh."

 "Mom, Coleson was in your tummy huh, was I in your tummy or Dads?"

 "Mom girls can't stand to pee huh, they don't know how to aim like boys." (giggling again)

 "Mom my shoes are gangsta huh?" (obviosly from Tay...)

 "Mom, Kailee gets home first cause she runs the fastest huh." (her School gets out earlier than the other kids)

 "Mom santa needs to come live with us, then he can tell you when we are good or bad and if we really are sleeping huh."

The questions and statements were all so funny, I wish I could remember them all. He says things like this daily. He's such a silly kid.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did you hear that?

My 9 year old came running into our room last night and told us he had heard someone whistling but when he looked around no one was by him. My 4 year old looked at him and said "Your just hearing things in your mind.....It happens to me all the time!"      he he he  Oh the joys!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't vandalize your temple

My 14 year old drew all over her legs over the weekend. My 7 year old came in gasped and said "You just vandalized your temple!!!"   Man my kids keep me laughing!

Does your brain make sounds?

I overheard my 4 year old this morning while he was playing dr say " I need to hear what my brain is saying" as he held the stethoscope to his head.   Lol! I wonder what he heard?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bar of soap anyone.....

My kiddos love going to the skatepark. One problem though, the dang teenagers over there have such potty mouths. I told the teens to watch their language, which I'm sure they thought was hilarious. One kid in particular said a few choice words in front of us and I pounced on him and shoved a bar of soap in his mouth and made him say uncle.......well I should have! I pulled out the video camera and pretended to video tape them, and told my kids in a very loud voice "man these kids moms are sure going to be surprised to hear what their kids have been saying..."   Well lets just say the language cleaned up dramatically! He he he I'm so dang sneaky! :)