Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thought I would share

I thought I 'd share this post from our family blog, it was back in Feb. It just is so funny!

Today as I drove around with Coleson and Bryton, Bryton talked nonstop. I think I answered about 50 questions, listened to lots of statements and laughed alot. Here are a few.

 "Mom don't eat the wrapper, it doesn't taste good."

"Mom sometimes cops run but not fast cause they eat too many dounuts huh."

"Mom girls don't fart huh...only boys do." (that one had me in tears laughing.)

 "Mom you know what your doing huh."

 "Mom we need to have lots more kids in our family huh."

"Moms are the bosses, not Dads huh."

 "Mom, you don't have a cookie huh, only I do, if you were a little boy you could have one huh."

 "Mom, Coleson was in your tummy huh, was I in your tummy or Dads?"

 "Mom girls can't stand to pee huh, they don't know how to aim like boys." (giggling again)

 "Mom my shoes are gangsta huh?" (obviosly from Tay...)

 "Mom, Kailee gets home first cause she runs the fastest huh." (her School gets out earlier than the other kids)

 "Mom santa needs to come live with us, then he can tell you when we are good or bad and if we really are sleeping huh."

The questions and statements were all so funny, I wish I could remember them all. He says things like this daily. He's such a silly kid.

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  1. Jodi! I remember reading this in February! It still makes me laugh so hard! Matt was rolling too! Bry is such a cute kid! When we move to Utah, I may just have to steal him! ;)