Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paint me a picture

Last night I was downstairs laying on my daughters bed with her having girl talk. As I was staring at the white ceiling above us, I thought how boring it looked. I think ceilings should be decorated and have glow in the dark art on it. 

Wouldn't this be fun to stare at late at night all tucked in to bed?

When Kovi and I lived in our first home that we bought, I decorated our ceiling. I used glow in the dark markers and had a hay day! I wrote funny messages about my hubby and drew pictures. I loved staring at it at night.  Well we ended up selling that house to my dad. He came to me after a few nights of living there and said "wow you really love Kovi don't you?" "I read about him every night before bed....."    I laughed so hard. Just what my dad wanted to read before bed. Hee Hee Hee.

      So if you decide to decorate your ceiling with thought about your hubby, make sure to paint over it before you move!!!

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